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Gary Mackean, The Boy Who Draws Monsters, is the creator of the gremlin webcomic Barnaby and Loaker, Angus the Haggis Slayer and many other characters. Gary is an Edinburgh cartoonist and illustrator and is available for commissions and projects. garymackean@aol.com

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Wrinkles/ Illustration-Friday Project

This image is for the Illustration Friday website with the theme of wrinkles in mind. The image that I have created here shows a possible future version of me. In this future I am fully bearded, lonely, wrinkled and depressed. So hopefully this never happens well apart from the beard part. I could live with that.
The image shows a large side view of "future me" with several other smaller boxed in images showing what is around "me" at the time.


Menna Jenkins said...

yeah lets hope you're not depressed! really nice image!

Nicky O'Byrne said...

Hey Gary, this is really different from your usual stuff, nice job! :)

Laura said...

This makes a nice change, I like the image in the background it's sort of like and old story lost over time. Not to keen on the way the text was applied. A really good piece overall, Laura xx

Rick Stanley Thomas said...

“In this future I am older” Quoted for truth. The look on the character’s face really sells it for me. The muted palette works well considering the subject matter, though (in the web version at least) the ink drawings are very difficult to make out. The text gives it the feeling of the first page of a comic which would then go on to tell the story of his/your life up to that point.

Dot said...

those are very cool. great concept and text.

and, thanks for visiting me!


Cheuk Bun Chan said...

yeah I sit next to you everyday and I can tell you stink of cheap whiskey already. The narration goes with the images nicely I thought, very Frank Millerish. The ragged handwriting suits the emotion of the image very well, looks like you really got drunk to do the handwriting so I'd like to praise your commitment to your art. But yeah I agree with what Rick said, the black ink(or was it pencil cos it's a bit shiny and reflective) drawing on the crimson red underpaint is a bit hard to tell what's going on, probably just a bad scan but well done.