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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Angus The Haggis Slayer

My Main Project
(I hope you like it Stan Lee!)

Angus is the last in a long line of famous noble Haggis Slayers, a sacred tribe of warrior born protectors of the human race. As the last Haggis Slayer, Angus is tasked with the mission of protecting not only Scotland and the rest of Britain but also the rest of the world from the evil race of haggises as well as other monsters.
Angus is a superb tracker and huntsman who is greatly skilled in the art of war. He is an expert hand to hand combatant and well trained swordsman. He is also imbued with mystical blood, gained through the Haggis slayer rituals, that grants him peak human conditioning and resistance to poisons and curses (magical or otherwise).
Angus’s mission is to achieve what his ancestors could not, a monster free world. It has been his goal since his tribe was cruelly eradicated in the great haggis war. He will stop at nothing to achieve this, even if it means sacrificing his own life.
Angus as a character is a sort of reform to the heroes of old- real and gritty battle worn warriors. He serves as a reminder that heroes can come in many different shapes and sizes as well as different nationalities. Angus gives the public a refreshing new take on Scottish myth and legends as well as showing the world what a true hero can be once more.

Angus will be the main character in a series of graphic novels created in the next two years

This image was created using watercolours on an A3 MDF board (I know it looks acrylic!)

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