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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Demoncrats by Crass

A poster project set by visiting tutor and famed illustrator Johnny Hannah. The brief was to design a poster for a new record shop opening in Cowdenbeath in Fife (coincidently my home town) using a selection of spoken words. I decided to use "Demoncrats" by the punk band Crass- the song or poem goes like this-

"I am not He, Nor Master, Nor lord
No Crown to wear, no cross to bear in stations
I am not He, Nor shall I be, warlord of nations
These heroes have run before me, Now dead upon the flesh piles, see?
Waiting for their promised resurrection, there is none
Nothing but marker,crown or cross
In stone upon these graves..."
And so on. The song is quite angst ridden and full of dark imagery so it played well with my style. The only constrictions with the brief were the size of the poster (297mm by 630mm) and it had to include the shop details, a section of the selected text and the text itself had to be hand written (no word or photoshop fonts).
Im not too happy with my hand written text but Im relatively pleased with the image overall especially since I had to the chance to continue working with black and white acrylic paints.

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