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Gary Mackean, The Boy Who Draws Monsters, is the creator of the gremlin webcomic Barnaby and Loaker, Angus the Haggis Slayer and many other characters. Gary is an Edinburgh cartoonist and illustrator and is available for commissions and projects. garymackean@aol.com

Friday, 11 March 2011

Re-design of the Puppet-Men

(A re-design of the Puppet-Men, a combination of acrylic paint and wood carving on MDF board)
I've added the painted rosey cheeks, the puppet hands and the greying dead hair to the characters to go along with the dislocated puppet mouth and button eyes in an effort to make them more creepy and more faithful to their name.
Each puppet-man carries with him at all times two marionette crosses with four severed strings on each.

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