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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bones and All

Bones and All
written by Matt Stockl

Sarah Drew, her soul to save,
Lay flowers on a stranger’s grave

A foreign bloom so sweet and thin
With purple flower and twisted stem

Below the ground, sealed in wood:
A second bloom, untimely cut,

Pulled by scent so strong and fresh,
Broke free from the grip of death,

And rose into the fading light
With thoughts of love and appetite

Sarah Drew, the dead man’s saviour
Spurred by deed of selfish behaviour

Slept on grass in Graveyard Park
And woke surprised when skies grew dark

As a stately figure with a musty odour
Approached her slowly and slowly told her:

Sarah Drew, you broke my fall
I love you dearly, bones and all

I love your skin and eyes and nose
I love your feet, I love your toes
I love your neck and pulsing veins
I love your flesh, I love your brains.

And when he’d loved her
Bones and all,
There was no trace of Drew at all

Save for a spreading, oily patch
Of crimson on the green green grass.


louisemackean said...

I really like this , its very good x

danyell said...

A creepy cemetary with zombies - one of my favorite places! The sky is great - such a menacing backdrop.