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Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Seven Heads of Edna May

The Seven Heads of Edna Mae

The Prettiest girl in the town, they say,
Was the daughter of Lord Harry and Lady Faye
Her name was Edna Mae

Kill her! Kill her! The jealous Townswomen harp
The woodsman axe is delightfully sharp

The head was found by Lord Harry
Who knew the task he would carry
Seven townswomen’s heads he shall rally

The first head he did chop
Sadly did flop

The next one was tougher
As the face was all the rougher

The third and Fourth were no good either
One was red as a fever
And the other looked more like a beaver

The fifth one was much more sadder
As it stank all the badder

The sixth head belonged to that of Lady Faye
But was far too small for Edna Mae

With the final head
Lord Harry knew what to do
Chopped himself dead
And away his head flew

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