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Friday, 3 May 2013

First Barnaby and Loaker Painting

©garymackean2013 ©Barnabyandloaker

An early painting of the upcoming Barnaby and Loaker weekly strip which will appear on their own blog (easier to follow that way). This painting features the two gremlin brothers Barnaby and Loaker-

Barnaby is the orange/red one who is the main focus of the series and is often seen pondering the meaning of life and trying to understand seemingly normal human social conventions. Loaker is his blue twin brother who is portrayed as less intelligent in that he can only say certain words and tends to be more gremlin in his behaviour.

The painting also features Loaker's imaginary friend Feigenbaum, A character that is only ever seen by the sleep deprived, the drunk, the mad and Loaker. The so called unseen presence of Feigenbaum frustrates Barnaby and leads him to believe his brother is either making it up or is actually mental.

The painting also hints at two other characters- Notice the love heart engraving on the tree? That's by Kathy Dudbert, a young girl who is besotted with the unwitting Barnaby. Also the book that Barnaby is reading is "So your brother has an imaginary friend" by Dr. Oliver Iht....The good doctor never appears in the series but his wide selection of books are often read by Barnaby depending on the given situation.

The actual strips will soon be appearing on http://barnabyloaker.blogspot.co.uk/ unless I change the address....

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