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Gary Mackean, The Boy Who Draws Monsters, is the creator of the gremlin webcomic Barnaby and Loaker, Angus the Haggis Slayer and many other characters. Gary is an Edinburgh cartoonist and illustrator and is available for commissions and projects. garymackean@aol.com

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Angus is a character that I created several years ago. Originally he was known as Angus the Haggis Slayer and was one of the main features at my Masters of Fine Art in Illustration degree show (some years ago now). Since then I have been working and re-working the character by adding more back story and increasing the pathos and internal struggle of the character.

Angus, As many of you will know, was originally a haggis slayer. The Last Haggis Slayer. He was the only survivor of a great haggis war and continued to fight demons, haggises, monsters and magic even without his ancient peacekeeping clan.

In the revised version, Angus is now a disgraced former Haggis Slayer infected with the Were-Coo virus at a young age, An incurable disease that is slowly turning him into a vicious Were-Coo. He becomes the last link to the Slayers after they are wiped out in the Haggis War much like in the original story. However he must now struggle with honouring a family who abandoned him and also fighting his primal urges.

His comic, which I hope to finish and publish soon, is no longer titled Angus the Haggis Slayer. His adventures will now be collected in the simple title of "Angus". This was done to show that he is a former slayer and to concentrate more on just Angus.

I have changed the design of Angus by giving him the golden eyes and the budding horns of a were-coo. I have also changed how I create the image by digitally colouring it rather than making it hand painted.

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