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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Bananaman Poster

A tribute poster for D.C. Thomson and Co's Bananaman character and his upcoming movie.

Bananaman has long been my one of my favourite comic book characters so I thought I would have a bash at drawing him. The poster features Bananman, his alter ego Eric, his trusty sidekick Crow and two of his enemies- Dr. Gloom and Appleman.

I might do a little drawing of his arch-enemy General Blight.

Here is the original sketch

and the initial drawing

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wayne moises said...

Based from the British comicbook series & television series about the yellow & blue caped superhero & his young ward battles Dr Gloom & Appleman his enemies & save the world from the forces of evil protect the innocent & keep the peace. Inspired from the 1980's television series from England aired on Nickelodeon network for several episodes aired in Europe Australia Japan China United States Canada Mexico & other countries soon to be serialized in comics animated series films action figures dolls & media became popular in United Kingdom as the comicbook series & television series throughout the world. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne