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Monday, 16 March 2015

Holy Batsuits, Batman!

This poster is a tribute to the bizarre nature of the old Batman comics. When I first told people I was making this poster, they couldn't believe that these costumes and stories actually existed. There is a ton of strange and odd stories from old comics.

The plots for the costumes featured in this poster are shown below-

In Detective Comics #241, Dick Grayson a.k.a Robin injures his arm while saving a girl during a robbery. Dick has seen the crooks' faces and begins hunting them down with Batman's help. During this time, Batman decides to wear a variety of different coloured costumes including a rainbow costume and a target costume. They eventually apprehend the villains and Batman returns to wearing his normal costume. He explains that he wore the different coloured costumes to distract attention away from Robin, as people might realise that he had an injured arm like his his alter-ego Dick Grayson.

In Detective Comics #275, Batman and Robin encounter the villainous Zebra-Man, a magnetically charged supervillain. Batman is shocked by the same machine that gave Zebra-Man his powers and he becomes Zebra-Batman. As the Zebra-Batman, He can repel all solid matter and cannot regulate his powers.

Here are some original images from the two issues-

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