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Friday, 1 May 2015

King Kong of Skull Island


King Kong of Skull Island

My finished poster for King Kong of Skull Island.

I originally planned this to be a traditional King Kong poster with the character climbing on the Empire State Building but as I continued to work on it I realised that the true character of King Kong (what he is, what makes him the way he is etc.) comes from his life on Skull Island before the movie begins.

There's a certain strange sadness to King Kong and not necessarily just from his flawed obsession/love for Ann Darrow. He lives on Skull Island and appears to be the only one of his kind there and that always struck me as quite a lonely existence.

I've always thought of Kong as a child- He's needy, possessive and aggressive when things don't go his way but he's also incredibly afraid. I guess what I'm trying to say is, that for me, there's a lot more human than beast in King Kong and hopefully this image shows that albeit in a comical fashion.

Anyway, those are the thoughts I was having when I made this image. I hope you enjoy the poster...it took me quite a while!

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