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Monday, 28 February 2011

Illustration Friday- Swarm

This is an image from my short novel The Life and Death of Hughnie Broomble.

As for Hughnie, he sees himself as something completely different. He is a giant and where his body had once been a thin skin bag of bones it now consisted of three swollen bulges of muscles covered in tanned like yellow fur and blue-ish dark hair in different sections. His face was no longer his as it now had two large pulsating orbs for eyes and his mouth was covered in fillers and other strange hanging things. Only the two swollen lumps remained to remind him of who he was before this. (section from Chapter Eight: The Hive)

The story revolves around the character Hughnie Broomble, who after suffering a horrible attack by a swarm of bees in his youth has started to have a mental breakdown in his later life. Hughnie spends the majority of the novel fighting against the horrific thought that he is infact transforming into a giant Bumblebee. The book charts the fragile and strained relationship between himself and his son Bryon as he slowly loses his grip on reality.

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