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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Ba-boom the Giant Baboon God.

After working on my web comic "Barnaby and Loaker"- http://barnabyloaker.blogspot.co.uk/ over the last fifty weeks or so, I've finally got some spare time to work on a few older projects that I've had in the pipeline for sometime now.

 Here is a fully coloured and resolved painting of the character Ba-Boom, An ancient but forgotten animal god. Ba-Boom is a character I've had for a while now and providing I get enough time in the near future, I hope to use him in a book or two.

Although Ba-Boom has physical aspects of a both a Mandrill and a Baboon, He is a God that has the physical appearance and behaviour of the whole Baboon family (Also known as Cercopithecidae)

Ba-Boom is pictured alongside an ancient stone tribute depicting himself and some of the other elder gods during the time when he was still believed in and worshiped.

Here is the original sketch of the stone tribute-

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