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Thursday, 24 July 2014

"Solitude For A Zombie"

I was recently traveling on a train back to Edinburgh after two long weeks of self exile in the middle of Grantown-On-Spey and Advie. I looked at the two weeks as a quest to find myself although what I found wasn't all that pretty, It was profound...Walking ten miles in search of beer will do that to a man.

The train was between Perth and Kirkcaldy when I looked out at a nearby field and saw a man in the distance walking aimlessly. The sun was setting and he looked lost but he also looked like he had a purpose of some kind. By purpose I mean that maybe he was meant to be in that field for some unknown reason (In reality he was probably just a farmer staggering home after a long day in the fields).

Anyway, The darker side of my imagination took over and I began picturing him as a lone zombie maybe the last zombie wandering in a post apocalyptic countryside looking for something to sate his hunger. Below is my visual response to this thought....
  (slightly darker version) (Slightly lighter version)

The scans don't really do this painting justice but they are still a fair depiction of the original. Prints and the original (A2 size) painting are available to buy.

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