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Saturday, 26 July 2014

War of the Teletubbies! Eh-Oh!

Hardly anyone talks about The Last Great Teletubby War and even fewer remember it. 

It was the war to end all wars. 

It started as a civil war between two separate groups of Teletubbies fighting for control of Teletubby Land and the entire planet. 

In the last years of the Great War, The last alliance of peaceful Teletubbies and their hoover like creatures marched against their former brothers in an attempt to put an end to the war and to save what remained of their race...but ultimately they would fail.
It ended in bloodshed, horror and almost the complete obliteration of the Teletubby race. 

 It is said that only four Teletubbies survived the thousand year war.... 

"The horror ... The Horror ..Eh-Oh...Eh-Oh..."

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