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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Pigs: Wolf Hunters

Pigs: Wolf Hunters is a retelling/sort of sequel to the fairytale "The Three Little Pigs". It was an idea that I had for a couple of years and I'm only just getting round to working on it (Hopefully I'll actually make a book of this soon).

Pigs tells the story three pigs- The eldest and hardened Stein, The cautious but brave middle brother Holz and the headstrong youngest sibling Stroh- who have now all become feared and legendary wolf hunters in their own right after their well known encounter with The Big Bad Wolf. The story will focus on how each of the pigs have come to terms with what happened to them and their new lives as wolf hunters.

There will be themes of brotherhood, deception, loyality, obsession, betrayal and recovery running throughout the story.

There have been several retellings and different takes on the original fairytale, This is my own version of what happened to these pig brothers.

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