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Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Finally getting back to work on Angus. I created the Scottish Superhero during my MFA in Illustration and Edinburgh College of Art in 2011. The character has been through several changes since I first came up with my idea of a Scottish Superhero.

In the original backstory, Angus was the last surviving member of a peace keeping clan known as the Haggis Slayers. He would wander around Scotland saving people from supernatural threats and fighting monsters from Scottish myths and legends. The character's mission was to continue the work of his ancient people and try to move on from their deaths in the Great Haggis War.

The revised backstory made Angus into a man battling with a form of Highland Cow lycanthropy. He was infected at a young age by a Were-Coo and was subsequently exiled from his monster fighting clan. Angus grew up bitter and was driven to the point of insanity when his former clan were killed in the Great Haggis War. Angus would then attempt to become the Haggis Slayer he was meant to be while also trying to control his beastial nature.

The character has now once again went through a little bit of a change. He's a lot more cartoony in appearance because I'm a lot more comfortable with that sort of style so illustrating his stories should be easier. I've also decided to reveal his history slowly. My previous attempts at Angus have always went into great detail over his origins.
In the two upcoming stories he'll simply be a mysterious warrior battling the likes of Nessie and Sawney Bean. He'll still be a lone Haggis Slayer who has the Were-Coo Virus but this won't be the main story, just part of it.
I think this will be a simpler way to tell the story I've been trying to make for nearly five years. This way I can have Angus on various journeys and adventures while his origin is slowly revealed.

Here is the same image but without the font- here are a few images of what Angus has looked like in the past-

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